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Leaving the remains of their former kingdom behind them, the numenoreans have once again come to live in Middle-Earth. Under the threat of the Dark Lord Sauron, they have decided to form an alliance with the Elves, to ultimately defeat the evil of Mordor. Led by Elendil and his two sons, Isildur and Anarion, the troops of Numenor are now marching forth to meat the dark forces upon their own soil.

The heavily equipped infantry of Numenor is renowned for its firmranks, able to hold off any enemy assault. With skies blackened by numenorean arrows, the thunder of heavy cavalry advancing along the flanks, the enemies of Numenor has reason to fear.

Unit Type Building Cost CP Image
Numenor Swordsmen Basic Infantry Barracks 300 60 View!
Numenor Archers Basic Archers Archery Range 350 60 View!
Numenor Spearmen Basic Pikemen Barracks 400 60 View!
Royal Guard of Elendil Heavy Infantry Barracks 1300 80 View!
Royal Pikemen Heavy Pikemen Barracks 600 70 View!
Dunedain Archers Elite Archers Archery Range 700 80 View!
Riders of Numenor Basic Cavalry Stables 500 60 View!
Knights of Elendil Heavy Cavalry Stables 900 80 View!
Battering ram Basic Infantry Siegeworks 400 25 View!
Trebuchet Siege Siegeworks 1000 25 View!

Hero Abilities Cost CP Image
Elendil Leadership (lvl 1): -
Palantir (lvl -): -
Glow of Narsil (lvl -): -
Power of Narsil (lvl -): -
Royal Guard (lvl -): -

4000 - View!
Isildur Palantir (lvl -): -
- (lvl -): -
Condemn (lvl -): -
- (lvl -): -
White Tree of Numenor (lvl -): -

3000 - View!
Anarion Defendor of Gondor (lvl 1):
Leadership (lvl -): -
Veteran (lvl -): Nearby troops gain experience

2000 - View!
Elendur - (lvl -): -
- (lvl -): -
- (lvl -): -
- (lvl -): -
- (lvl -): -

1700 - View!


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